Dissertation and writing articles is an important part of a PhD program. In fact the career growth prospects of higher level academicians and researchers depend to a considerable extent on the quality and also the quantity of articles contributed by them. Writing a proper dissertation requires focused efforts and time.

Dissertation, also called thesis, is a formal write-up that puts forth a new knowledge or point of view. This new knowledge or point of view needs to be supported by appropriate research and data. Research can be both primary and secondary. Secondary research should include extensive literature survey, as this enhances the credibility of the write-up and the researcher. Literature survey helps in linking the current matter being researched with the past build-up of knowledge and also to identify lacunas in the existing knowledge body. These lacunas open up further scope of research. Written matter utilized in writing the dissertation from the literature survey should be properly referenced and cited. Dissertations submitted for PhD degree comprise both primary and secondary research. Dissertations are usually lengthy of about twenty pages or even more. In order to be approved for publishing the dissertation submitted by a scholar or researcher needs to fulfill prescribed standards and criteria. Originality and proper citation and referencing of written matter is utmost important, plagiarism is not permitted.

New knowledge when presented well as per the standards gets quicker approval and recognition. The form, format and structure of dissertation or journal article is very significant, also the language correctness and quality contributes largely towards the proper presentation of the write-up. Often institutes hosting the research program prescribe their own style of write-up presentation, several times certain subject related, national and international standards of presentation may also require to be adhered to. Dissertations are usually submitted at the end of a research or PhD program; the researchers have to defend their thesis in viva voce which comprise of both internal and external examiners.

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