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10 Suggestions To Ease The Process Of Selection Of Dissertation Topic

Even though some students are highly evolved in their thinking, they can forget some little things that matter the most at the end of the day and that includes selecting a sound topic for their dissertations. Beginning with a rather narrow view of the measures to be taken towards securing that degree is definitely not the way to go but with a few suggestions, you will be on your way to success.

  • Look within, not without

Zoom your gaze into your Inner Self rather than searching all around the world for dissertation topics! So, stop trying to be just another brick in the wall and ask yourself what topic you would feel most comfortable working on.

  • Is it right for you?

Even if you go through a thousand different dissertations on the lookout for a unique topic, you are not going to be able to find it unless and until you know it is right for you.

  • Ask a few more questions

Do you know the topic you wish to work on like the back of your hand? If not, consider familiarising yourself with it in case you are planning to pursue the topic diligently.

  • Know the loopholes

Every topic has loopholes in it. If you know exactly how to tackle those loopholes, you can safely assume that the topic is safe to work on.

  • What are the odds?

What are the chances that the implications of your dissertation topic might not be what you thought they would be? Understanding them is the key to finding the right topic.

  • Hypothesise

Try preparing a sound hypothesis with the topic you plan to write on in a way that will not fail you in any way. If it works, you can safely chuck out Plan B.

  • Check for originality

Has anyone else treaded the path you plan to tread on? If you are not sure that your topic matches someone else’s, consider going for another topic.

  • Shatter the earth

Not literally! That’s for God to do. You need to simply select a ground-breaking topic that will make a loud sound around!

  • Review your research

Are you going to be able to find the necessary resources for your research or find them easily? If not, switch to Plan B.

  • Ask your guide

The last thing you can do is go and ask your research guide about a suitable topic for you. Explain to him that you have done everything you can but truly need help and don’t forget to show the evidences of the work you have done so far.