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Manage anxiety while writing the Dissertation

Most students don’t simply love to write their dissertation. Instead, they feel overwhelmed by the copious amount of words they have to write in order to finish a dissertation. Rest assured you are not alone. This a common feeling among all students writing a thesis. But the trick is in overcoming this deep anxiety and focus on effective writing without giving in to procrastination. Break your dissertation into chunks of writings. So when you decide you will spend 30 min in writing 500 words. And give yourself another 15 min to do relevant research and proper referencing. In this way, you will able to accomplish something substantial with time. Start by writing a draft and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Focus on the work at hand and move along. Begin by writing small sections of each chapter. An outline of your dissertation is very helpful and it offers you are a clear roadmap of where you are and where you need to be in order to finish your dissertation. You can also form a peer group and write with other Ph.D. students. To control your anxiety you can choose the ambiance that you feel most comfortable writing in. Do you prefer writing at your home, library or a coffee shop? Take your pick. There are some days when we accomplish the abundant amount of writing and there are days when we are not so productive. On the days when have written less do not harbor any guilt feelings. Accept the fact and give yourself permission to be less productive on some days. However, it is not wise to give in to all sort of self-indulgences you must have a sincere focus when writing your dissertation. Don’t digress and bring back your thoughts to writing.