Dissertation Publication

A thesis or dissertation needs to be published for getting its due recognition. Only published content can add to the existing body of knowledge and get referenced in articles submitted by other researchers. The career prospects of a researcher or academician is determined to a great extent by the quality as well as the quantity of articles published. Institutes which host PhD or research programs generally publish a number of journals on various subjects. Other than the publications of the hosting institute there are many other publishers who publish research work in their journals and magazines, these may be international or national publishers and field or industry specific publishers.

Publishers have their own in-house editing staff that design and edit the publication keeping in mind the entire journal or magazine and not just each and every article; they are always searching for content or matter which can be synchronized into their publication. Writers who submit articles for publication need to comply with the criteria of their publishers. These criteria may relate to referencing style, formatting, language etc. Sometimes a publisher may not want the entire article but only an abstract or summary of it which is related to the publication. Submission of articles to publishers also requires writing letters to the publishers and filling forms so as to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to publishing such as copyrights etc.

It is recommended that a researcher should get their works published in as many relevant publications as possible, so as to get recognition within different groups and circles. An article written by a researcher may not only have academic readership but also have industry applications, hence all avenues must be looked into.

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