Edit Your Dissertation

The minds of scholars and researchers are always brimming with new ideas and a yearning to add to or create new knowledge. In this quest they may even find a whole lifetime insufficient as the sea of knowledge has infinite depth, but human focus is limited. Often researchers may be able to pen down new ideas in their write-ups but may lack the time to present them appropriately and this may lead to considerable mental stress. Many researchers may also seek to enhance their manuscript quality by seeking editing services.

Editing a write-up includes ensuring the correctness of a write-up with respect to content presentation, style, language and grammar. Editing needs to be done by a person or a group who has both knowledge of the subject as well as the language in which the dissertation and article has been written. Our experts have ample experience in editing dissertations and journal articles and can provide valuable suggestions to improve the write-up.

Content editing includes checking for the logical flow and sequencing of the written matter, grouping of written matter under suitable headings, ensuring the completeness of written matter under each heading or sub heading and ensuring whether written matter has been cited and referenced. In relation to this editor may make suggestions to the researcher regarding additions or deletions in content (text, visuals and graphics), references and citations; change of sequence, change of headings etc.

Checking for style includes checking whether all matter has been properly cited and referenced as per the prescribed citation and referencing style, checking each page with respect to margins, format, layout, paragraph alignment, header and footer alignment, page numbering, alignment of graphs and visuals, so as to adhere to prescribed style of printing.

Editing for language and grammar includes ensuring that quality of language is appropriate for the PhD and journal level of writing .In this regard the editor may suggest changes in words and phrases and may also have to rewrite parts of content so as to enhance the language quality.

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